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Sealord photography focuses on three themes:

Biodiversity with an emphasis on marine life

Sustainability relating to construction & urban development; energy; foodtransport; and waste.

The Guernsey community

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entrance harbour life harbour marine life hard plastic harry bound room harvest harvesting harvestman harvey haut hauteville havelet havelet bay hawk moth hawkmoth head healthy food heart urchin heathrow heathrow pod hedegaard heffer helicopters helophilus hemigrapsus herald square herd heritage herluf trolles gade herm herm island hermaea hermaea bifida hermaphrodite hermit crab herring hertz hertz rent a car hexacorallia hiding high high tide highline highway hill hill climb himanthalia himanthalia elongata hinia hinia reticulata hipparchia semele hire hitchhiker holders holdfast holiday holidays holland holly blue home home garden homes hommarus horse mushroom horticulture hospital grounds hosta hotel hougue house housemaid housing estate hover fly hoverfly hq hsbc huet human litter hummer hunt hunting husbandry hybrid hybrid car hybrid vehicle hydrogen hydrogen bus hydrogen fuel hydrogen fuel cell bus hydrogen fuel cell car hydrogen fuel cell taxi hydrogen fuel station hydrogen fuel tanks hydrogen fuelled hydrogen gas station hydrogen powered hydrogen refuelling station hydroid hydroids hydrozoa hydrozoan hylaea fasciaria hymeniacidon perleve hymeniacidonidae hyperia hyperiidae hysoscella hyundai ix35 i2e ian ian's brown's cycle challenge icart ice ice cream ice cream stick iced fish iceland ikea image library imogen imported imported building material imported fish imported seafood incinerator incinerator protest induction charging industrial design industry inexpensive fish infront initiative inkcap innovation insect insect hotel insect. moth trap insects inshore inshore fish inspecting inspection intelligent transport systems inter tidal interior interparking intertidal intertidal crab intertidal fish intertidal life intertidal marine life intertidal species into introduced species invasive invasive species invertebrate invertebrate photography invertebrates inverter ioguido ipes ipes guernsey irizar irizar bus ischnura elegans island island of guernsey island of jethou island of sark islands isopod isopoda isopods italy its its european congress ivan le tissier jack jackson's car dealership jacksons james jamie falla development jan jan dockerill jane rix janine king janolidae janolus janolus cristatus janolus hyalinus january japan japanese fish market japanese food jardí tarradellas jawless fish jean jean griffen jean griffin jeanne jelly jellyfish jenny tasker jensen jerbourg jersey jersey registration jersey tiger moth jethou jetty jewel anemone joan ozanne jockathon pettitt joe mooney john john dory john garnham john nicolle john woodward johnson judge judges judith judith patten july junction june juvenile juvenile crab kangoo karlsruhe karma karma es katherine katina jones katina mercer katy sandrey kelp keolis kerbside kerbside collection kerbside not suezside kerbside recycling kevin driscoll kiabi kimsi kingston upon thames kishinouyeidae kito sandal kleve klima march klimamarch knotted wrack kobenhavn kohl rabi kohlrabi kraftwerke kralingze zoom metro station kruisoord ks waveski kwh kyoto københavn l'ancresse l'eree la confluence la manche la mare de carteret primary school la poste la rochelle la valette la vallette lab laboratory labridae labrus ladies bay lady lady dorey cup lady dorey trophy ladybird lambeth laminaria laminaria ochroleuca laminated pine lamp post lamprey lamprey head lamprey image lamprey photograph lamprey photography lamprey picture lamprey teeth land land reclamation landfill landfilling bay landfilling belle greve landlab landor road lane lanice laothoe laothoe populi larentiinae large wave large waves larry trigwell larva lasiocampa quercus late afternoon lateral laundry laurent fabius lav laval lawn lawrence le bourget le gouffre le guet le marchant le mare de carteret primary school le metz'in le rondin school leachi leaf leaf litter leanto leaves leaving guernsey leaving guernsey waters leek legacy project lemon lepadogaster lepadogaster lepadogaster lepas anatifera lepidorhombus leptophyes punctatissima les les banques les bourgs hospice les cotils les cotils christian centre les douvres hotel les vardes lesley perchard lesson lettuce lettuce leaves lib life life boats light lightbulb sea squirt lighthouse lights lightweight ligia oceanica ligiidae lihou lihou causeway lihou island like limacia limburg limpet limpet shell linda linda luxton linda walker line line 2 lineidae liner lineus longissimus ling litten litter litter collection little russel little russell little venice littoral littoral fish littoral life littoral species littoral zone littorale littorina littorina obtusata littorinidae live live fish livestock living streets lobster lobster pot local food local produce local veg local vegetables log loiret lollipop lady lollipop man london london transport long long port long port group long spined sea scorpion longspined sea scorpion longue look lophophore lophophores lorry lost sand louise smith louises low low carbon low cost low tide low water lower shore lowered beach lucernariopsis campanulata lumbriciformis lumpsucker lunch lycaena phlaeas lydia bourne lynda walker lyndon lyon lyon tramway lysidice ninetta maasvlakt machine mackerel macro photography macrocheles maddison madeira madreporite madrid magical magical day in the park magical days in the park mahindra main course main road maineetloire maize make making fire malacostraca malcolm malcolm cleal male male fish mall mallorca mamillata mammal manhattan mannheim mannheim germany manor mantle marc diacono march marco marguerite talmage marina marina life marine marine algae marine animal marine biology marine creature marine debris marine ecology marine energy marine environment marine fish marine fouling marine invertebrate marine invertebrates marine life marine life collage marine life image marine life montage marine life photography marine litter marine parasitism marine photography marine plant marine plywood marine research marine slug marine snail marine snails marine species marine tidal energy conference marine vertebrate marine wildlife marine worm mark mark diacono mark parr market market square marphysa marshall marthasterias marthasterias glacialis martin martroi martyn dorey masked crab masked crab image masked crab photo masked crab photograph masked crab picture mass transit mating matt matthews maud maud falla maxilla maxillaris may meadow meadow court farm meal medal mediterranean fish meeting area mega mega city members mercedes mercedesbenz bclass electric drive mesogastropoda metal meter metres metridiidae metridium metridium senile metro metropolitan fish market metz metz'in mia michael michael wilkinson microbus microrenewable energy microrenwable middleman midshore mike garrett milan milan bicycle sharing station miliaris mill street mist mite mitsubishi mitsubishi imiev mittlere bridge mittlere brücke mobility model model s module mola mola molds mollusc mollusca mollusk mollusque monach butterfly monaco money sharks in our bay monkfish mont cuet montage montagu's crab montagui monte carlo montpellier montville montville road moonlight moore mooring morchellium argus morning mortuary moth moth trap motion motor motor mall motormall motors motorway motorway charging moulin moulin huet mouth mouton cave moye mucous tube mud mugilidae mullet municipal botanical garden munida muricidae muscovy duck museum mushroom mushrooms musician mycology nacelle nancy nantes nantes metropole bicloo nassariidae natantia natural history nature nature photo nature photography nature stock photography navette navya near near goch necora nederland nederlands nematocysts nemertea nemertean neogastropoda nephropidae nephtyidae nereidae nereis nerophis nerophis lumbriciformis netherlands netted dog whelk nettle new build new growth new york new york city new york city mayor new york restaurant newcastle nextbike nicholas nick nielsen nigel nigel clarke night night time nijmegen nikki symons nissan nissan leaf no dumping no entry no exhaust noctuidae nocturnal nonnative noordbeemster normandy north north atlantic north atlantic fish north atlantic species north coast north holland north of amsterdam north plantation north sea fish nourishment nudibranch nudibranch image nudibranch photo nudibranch photograph nudibranch photography nudibranch picture nudibranchia nursery nyack nylon nylon nettting nylon rope nylon twine nymph nørrebrogade observation tower ocean ocean debris ocean life ocean litter ocean pollution ocean sunfish ocean traveller ocean wanderer oceana ocenebra erinacea october octocorallia office office building offshore ollie guillou om oman onchidorididae onion onions open open ocean opening operations and maintenance opisthobranch opisthobranchia opistobranchia optare oral siphon oral veil orange orange eggs orange sponge orecchia di mare oreille de mer oreja de mar orelha do mar organic organic food organic veg organic vegetable organic vegetables organism orleans ormeau europeen ormeaux ormer ormer harvest ormier ossie falla memorial award osteichthyes osteichthys outdoor class outdoors outlander outside outside grand palais overcast overtops ovigerous oxfam oxford oyster p and o p and o cruises p85 pacific fish packs pad paddle paddling paddling out paddling up face of wave paganellus pagurus bernhardus pagurus bernhardus image pagurus bernhardus photo pagurus bernhardus photograph pagurus bernhardus picture painted palace palaemonid palaemonidae pale palm tree palma pandalus panel panels paper papillosa paralichthys dentatus parapodia parasite parasitic parasitic crustacean parasitic fish parasitic isopod parasitic relationship paris parish parish church parish of st martin park park lane showroom park royal parked parked cars parking parkshuttle parrotfish participants party passenger liner passenger ship passengers passive feeder pat pat costen pat johnson patellidae path patrick johnson patten paul paul le gallez paul le pelley paul matthews paul williams pavement pays de la loire peaceful pebble pebble beach pebbles pectinidae pectoral fin pedestrian pedestrian area pedestrian bridge pedestrian space pedestrianised pedestrians pedvin peh peh grounds pelagia noctiluca pelagic pelagic amphipod pelagic crab pelecypod pelecypoda pemberton people people's people's climate march peppers perciformes periclimenes sagittifer periwinkle petals peter peter falla peter ferbrache peter rabbit petit petit bot petit bot valley petit port petit port beach clean petit port beach litter petromyzon petromyzon marinus petromyzonidae peugeot ion pezeries phaeophyceae phallusia phallusia mamillata pharmacy phil phil merrien phlogophora meticulosa pholidae pholis pholis gunnellus photograph photographed from petit port photography photosynthesis photovoltaic photovoltaic glass photovoltaic panel photovoltaic panels photovoltaic roof piazza del duomo piccadilly picking up litter pieces pier pierre pierro le cheminant pig pine pine forest pine needles pine tree pine trees pininfarina bollore pink pink tulips pinnidae pipe pipefish pisces place place du ralliement planes minutus plankton planktonic plant planters planting plants plastic plastic bag plastic bags plastic basket plastic bottle plastic bottle litter plastic bottle tops plastic bottles plastic carrier bag plastic debris plastic litter plastic pieces plastic pollution plastic rubbish plastic sheeting plastic tops plate pleasure craft pleinmont pleinmont beach clean pleurobranchomorpha pleuronectidae plexauridae plug plug in plugin plugin hybrid plugin hybrid electric car plumley plumose anemone plumula pocket park pod point pointe pointe de la moye pointes poisson polaris police politician politics pollack pollution pollution garbage polo polycera polycera faeroensis polyceridae polychaeta polychaete polychaete worm polyclinidae polyommatus icarus polyp polyps polystyrene polytunnel pomatoschistus minutus pomatoschistus minutus image pomatoschistus minutus photo pomatoschistus minutus photograph pomatoschistus minutus picture pomfret pond pont raymond barre pontoon pontoon life pool poon poplar poplar hawkmoth poppies populi popweed porgy porifera port porta susa train station portelet portugal portunidae postal service postcard poster potato potato harvest potatoes pots potter's field pouring power power station powershot a640 prawn praying mantis predation predator predatory presentations primary primary school primary school class primove prince albert statue princess elizabeth hospital princess elizabeth hospital grounds prindiville prindiville electric hummer prius privet privet hawk moth prize propeller prosobranch prosobranchia prostheceraeus vittatus protection protest protest march protestor protestors prototype psammechinus psammechinus miliaris pseudoargus pterioida public public services department public space public transport public transport infrastructure public transportation pudibunda pug pumpkin pumpkins pupils putting pv pv panel pv panels pycnogonida pycnogonidae pycnogonum pyronia qe 2 qe 2 marina qe ii qe ii marina qe2 qe2 marina qeii quality quay quay street queen queen elizabeth queen elizabeth 2 marina queen elizabeth ii queen elizabeth ii marina queen elizabeth two marina queen victoria queensland queux manor quick build quick construction quiet rabbit radish ragworm rail railing raillement rails rain rainbow raja rajidae ralliement ramsar ramsar site range range extended rare fish ravenscroft raw fish ray ray watts raymond barre bridge rays rådet rbc beach clean rear rearing rebirth recreational recreational fish recreational fishermen recreational harvest recyclates recycle recycling recycling bin recycling container red red algae red and blue squat lobster red bream red eyes red flowers red mullet red muscle red porgy red seaweed red square red tulips reeds reef fish reflection refuge refuse registration relaxation renaul twizy renault renault fluence renault kangoo electric van renault twizy renault zoe renewable renewable electricity renewable energy rent rental repair reproducing reproduction res reservoir reservoir walk restaurant restaurant food resto'u retail retail shop retailing fish retaining wall reticulata revetment rex rhinophore rhinophores rhubarb ribbon worm richard richard collas richard lord richard mcmahon ride riders riedel recycling ripple rising rising sea rising sea level rising tide risso's crab rivium business park rll rllord road road sign roadside rochelle rock rock fall rock goby rock pool rock pool fish rock pool life rock to rocque bike ride rockfish rockling rockmount rocks rocky rocky shore rocquaine rocquaine bay rocque rocquette rocquette cider roger roger burton rohais rohais de haut rolec rolec ev rollers rolling rondin roof room roosevelt island rooster rope roseanne wheeler rosie dorey rosie wheeler rostrum rotary rotterdam rotterdamse elektrische tram rouget rough rough ocean rough sea rough seas rough weather roundabout route 507 route rv1 roy lesbirel royal royal court rubbish rue rue du calvaire rue jeanne d'arc rugosa runner running rural rush hour russel russell rød rød firkant sabella sabella spallanzanii sabellid sabellidae saccorhiza sacoglossa sacoglossan saffery saffery champness rotary walk sag harbour saga rose sagartia sagartiidae sage sailing ship salad salar salarie corner salerie salerie corner salerie quay salesman salesmen saline bay saline beach salmo salmo salar salmon salmonidae salt saltwater saltwater fish sam sam electric vehicle sam three wheeled electric motorbike sam three wheeled electric motorcycle sampson sand sand eel sand goby sand goby image sand goby photo sand goby photograph sand goby picture sand mason sands sandy sandy beach sandy shore sanguinea sanguineus santander bike hire scheme santander cycles sarah sarah plumley sargassum crab sargus sark sark floral group sarnia estate sarnia estates sashimi saturday market satyrid saumarez saumarez park sausmarez sausmarez manor sausmarez manor farmers' market save save belle greve save our bay save the bay saviour scaleworm scallop scallop eyes scallop mantle scallop tentacles scaridae scavenger scavenging scenery scheme schiermonnikoog schiermonnikoog bus schiphol airport schlosseri schneider scholven scholven power station school schooling fish sciaenidae scomber colias scombridae scooter scophthalmidae scotland sculpin scyphozoa sea sea anemone sea anemone image sea anemone photo sea anemone photograph sea anemone picture sea bass sea bed sea bream sea cloud ii sea cloud two sea creature sea fan sea fog sea hare sea hare image sea hare photo sea hare photograph sea hare picture sea lamprey sea lamprey image sea lamprey photo sea lamprey photograph sea lamprey picture sea lemon sea lettuce sea level sea level rise sea life sea life montage sea mist sea potato sea potato image sea potato photograph sea potato picture sea robin sea scorpion sea scorpion photograph sea scorpion picture sea shore sea shore fish sea shore life sea shore litter sea shore rubbish sea shore species sea side sea slater sea slug sea slug eggs sea slug image sea slug photograph sea slug picture sea snail sea spider sea spray sea squirt sea squirts sea star sea urchin sea wall sea wall breach seabream seafood seafood counter seafood delicacy seafood dinner seafood display seafood market seafood photograph seafood photography seafood plate seafood shop seagull house sealord sealord garden sealordphotography sean sean fuller searobin seashore seashore animal seashore cave seashore crab seashore ecology seashore eggs seashore fish seashore harvest seashore life seashore marine life seashore photography seashore plant seashore species seaside seasonal seastar seastar picture seating seawall repair seawater seaweed seaweed eater seaweed growth seaweeds secc secretive sedum sedum roof seed cards seeds seeohr segregation self driving car senegal senior constable dennis le moignan senner's bread senners bread sensory garden september serene seriola serranid serranidae service sessile set setting sun shad shade shalom cottage share'ngo sharing shark sharpness shell shell beach shellfish shells shelter sheltered shore shelves ship ship visit ship's bow shipping shoe shop shopping shopping bag shops shore shore clingfish shore crab shore crab image shore fish shore gatherer shore gathering shore harvest shore rockling shoreline shotgun cartridge show shrimp shuttle shuttle bus sicily side side of pontoon siemens siemens wind power service sign signature group silver silver gilt silver gilt award silver y moth simon simon hancock sion siphon siphons sir sir richard collas siracusa sita sita guernsey skate skin parasite sky sky garden skylights skyline slime mould slippery fish slipway slug small copper butterfly small cruise ship small fish small holding small mouth smallholder smallholding smart smart car smart ev smartshuttle smerinthinae smg smgb smoker smtc smtc de clermontferrand snail snails snakelocks snakelocks anemone snapper snapping claw snapping prawn snout snow snow covered snowing soaking social area socialising soft coral soil solar solar energy solar fabrik solar hot water panel solar panel solar panels solar power solar powered solar powered vehicle solar thermal sold solitary ascidian solutions sonia degand source london south south coast south coast guernsey south of den helder south of france south street southern fish southwest coast space spain spanish design sparid sparidae sparkling sea sparus auratus spatangidae spawn spawning spearkers special special commendation special commendation award species species image species image library species photograph species photography sphingidae sphinx ligustri spider spider crab spiked spines spiny spiny arms spiny fish spiny starfish spirorbidae spirorbids splashes spondyliosoma cantharus sponge sponge eater sport plaza mercator sports car spot spp spray spring spring flowers spring onions spring tide spt square squat lobster squat lobster image squat lobster photograph squat lobster picture st andrew st andrew parish st george esplanade st george's esplanade st martin st martin parish st martin parish church st martin primary school st martins point st peter port st peter port constables' office st peter port garden st peter port harbour st peter port lighthouse st peter port parish st pierre du bois st pierre du bois parish st sampson st saviour st. louis grenze aesch st. peter port st. peter port harbour st. saviour stage stalked eye stalked jellyfish stall stalls star ascidian starfish starfish image starfish photo starfish photograph starfish photography starfish picture start starting states states of guernsey states works station station a statue stavoren steel steen steen broust nielsen steeple steps stern steve byrne steve fallaize still stinging cells stinging nettle stinging tentacles stirhynchus stock photo stock photography stones stop stor h store storm storm damage storm drain storm imogen storm waves stormy stormy sea strand strand line strand line litter strandline strasbourg strathclyde partnership for transport straw straw bale house strawberries streamlyte paddle street street design street drain street food vendor streetscooter strong wind strong winds stuart stuart falla students styelidae styrofoam styrofoam box subtidal sucker suctorial disc sue sue williams sue wood suez summer sun sun yacht sunday sunfish sunflower sunken sunken garden sunlight sunmoov sunny sunny day sunrise sunset sunshine superkilen supermarket supermarket bag supporters surbiton surf surfboard surfer surfers surfing surfs surging sea survival sustainable sustainable building sustainable community sustainable construction sustainable living sustainable material sustainable museum sweet wrappers swell swimming crab switzerland syndicat mixte des transports en commun de l'agglomération clermontoise syngnathidae system table tachinid tandem tao taurulus taurulus bubalis taurulus bubalis image taurulus bubalis photo taurulus bubalis photograph taurulus bubalis picture taxi tazzari electric car tcl teacher teaching team teeth telsa s p85 d temp temperate temperate fish temperate marine life temperate marine species tempest tempestuous temporary tender tenders tenodera aridifolia sinensis tent tentacle tentacles tents terebellid terebellidae terminal building terre terres terry terry paton tesla tesla motors tesla s tesla s p85 d test texel texture thailand thallus the crystal the edge the eleanor foundation the national trust of guernsey the netherlands the rockmount the tumaini fund this is an electrically powered car thistle thongweed three throwing tidal tidal flood tidal surge tidal today tidal today conference tide tide pool tide pool fish tide pool life tidepool tins tiny mouth tires tithonus titi floris titi mobile titimobile toby nielsen today tokyo tomato tomatoes tomlins tompot tompot blenny top top of val des terres top shell topshell torino torteval torteval parish tosa toulouse tour tour elithis tourism tourists tower town town church toyota toyota coms toyota iroad toyota prius track tracks trafalgar travel traffic traffic light trafik trailer train train station tram tram lines tram rails tramway tramway d'angers tramway de clermontferrand tramway de grenoble tramway de lyon tramway de strasbourg tranquil tranquility walk transdev translohr transport transport for london transport infrastructure transportation trap travel trawled trays tree tree lined trees trevor kelham triakidae tricycle trident triggerfish triglidae trinity trinity square triple glazing tritonia tritoniidae trochidae trolleybus optimisation systeme alimentation trommesalen trophy tropical tropical fish trott troy waterman truck trunk tsukiji tsukiji fish market tub gurnard tube feet tubercles tubeworm tubeworms tubularia tul tulip tulips tumaini fund tuna tuna auction tunic tunicata tunicate turbidity turbine turbines turbulence turbulent turin turino turkey turning turtle crab tussock twizy tyne tynemouth uk ulva ulva lactuca umbrella under under boulder under boulders under way underground underwater underwater photograph underwater photography underway underwing unidentified object update upper shore urban urban design urban greenery urban mobility urban park urban transport urchin urochordata urochordate urticina urticina felina usa usa fish utrecht val val de terre val des terre val des terres val des terres hill climb vale vale avenue vale douzaine room vale primary school valerie cameron valette valley van vanessa vanessa cardui vardes variegated scallop vauban vauvert vauvert primary school vauvert school vazon vazon bay vegetable vegetable garden vegetables vegetarian vegetation vehicle vehicle charging velo velo toulouse velo vege velomagg velvet swimming crab vendor venezuela venus verm verrucosa versailles version vertebrata vertebrate vic de garis vic groves victoria victoria marina victorian kitchen garden victorian walled kitchen garden victorious video villo vinery viridis visit guernsey information centre visiting guernsey visitors viu bicing volt volunteer volunteers volutacornis volvo voyager vrangue walk walker walkers walking walkway wall walled wallpaper wanderer warm water fish warmwater fish warmwater species wasabi washed up washed up litter washing waste waste management waste minimisation waste minimization water water front waterfront waterloo waterloo station waterloo train station watersipora watts wave wave damage waves waveski wayne bulpitt weather wecycle weeverfish weighbridge weighbridge mast weighbridge roundabout weighing scales well insulated wellington boot wembley went west west coast west coast guernsey wet suits wheel wheelbarrow wheelbarrow competition wheelbarrow planting wheelbarrows wheelchair transport whelk whelk shell white white bream white water wholesale wholesale fish market wholesale market wholesaler wild flowers wildflowers wildlife wildlife image wildlife photo wildlife photograph wildlife photography wilkinson williams wind wind blown wind energy wind energy update wind power wind tree wind turbine wind turbines wings winkle winner winter winter scene winter storm wire wood woodland woods woodward world world aid walk world oceans day world wildlife fund worm worm head worm pipefish worm tentacles worms wragg wrappers wrasse wsh62992 wwf xanthidae xantho xantho incisus xantho incisus image xantho incisus photo xantho incisus photograph xantho incisus picture yacht yachts yellow yellow tulips yelomobile yerseke york york road young people's award yélomobile zd zeebrasem zeeland zeeoor zelhem zen zen car zero zero carbon zero carbon home zero emission zero emissions zero harmful emissions zoantharia zoanthidea zoe zoltan zooid zooids zoology zostera marina ©rllord